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Welcome to the GowanGroup llc, a company providing niche recruiting services to businesses needing top quality engineering and technical personnel.  Mike Gowan is the Principal and Senior Recruiter for the GowanGroup.


For Client-Companies, Mike combines his 10 years with a niche engineering firm, 8 years manufacturing and construction and 4 years with a large regional public relations firm to provide targeted searches for hard-to-fill positions.  This broad experience enables him to network and explore areas were quality candidates may exist outside the typical venues of a Client-Company's experience.  Combining this with excellent project management skills and strategic focus, he is able to fill the most challenging positions.

If your company is interested in exploring a recruiting engagement, please email the GowanGroup at MGowan@gowangroup.com


The GowanGroup Clients are some of the foremost technical companies in US and, as such, require top quality candidates to become employees to fill either professional/executive or highly-skilled trades positions. Companies range from CPA, consulting and engineering firms to large manufacturing and construction companies.  If you are an individual who is very capable and compentant in your field, and are looking to change the view or the venue, forward your resume for a review.  

Contact Me

Mike GowanPrincipal/Senior Recruiter 

2924 Kenoyer Ct. Bellingham WA 98229

360-927-5570   -   MGowan@gowangroup.com

gowangroup.com   -   linkedin/in/mikegowan 

"Recruiting Professional and Highly Skilled"